#1 RE: Ice-cream parlor von Adam-Dead 15.08.2016 18:17

Hello, after making 35th picnic quest and getting access to ice cream parlor automaton got crazy. It doesn't seem to have ice cream database and doesn't want to produce it. In fact, it blocks the whole production on the whole farm and I've had to deselect it in options.

Any chances of change? Thank you in advance:)

#2 RE: Ice-cream parlor von linus--tux 15.08.2016 21:40


Berater 2.10.34 vom 15.08.2016

Automat 2.9.21 vom 15.08.2016

Das Update beinhaltet:
Eisdiele - ice cream parlor

If the ice cream is not to be adjustable , please press the button " zone reset" in the options of the adviser. unfortunately all zones must be readjusted .

#3 RE: Ice-cream parlor von Adam-Dead 16.08.2016 10:47

Thank you very much - it's been working excellent till today's upgrade:) Everything works except picnic area.

#4 RE: Ice-cream parlor von linus--tux 17.08.2016 12:05


Automat 2.9.22 vom 16.08.2016

Bugfix Foodworld

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