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#1 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 24.09.2016 10:44

My berater doesn't load correctly. it is active but does not show stock, farmies, etc.

Errors i get when it loads

Function does not exist
TypeError: data[zoneNrF].slots is null
TypeError: oldData[0][0][oldProdId][0] is undefined
Event beraterDone

Berater version 2.10.41

Any help is appreciated and if you need to know more let me know

#2 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 26.09.2016 10:42


Please use these scripts:

Berater 2.10.41 vom 22.09.2016

Automat 2.9.27 vom 22.9.2016

It could be that you need a language pack. You find some language packs here. Please don´t answer there.

The the language pack must execute at the first position.The first position is important. Here a helping post

#3 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 26.09.2016 16:15

It seems to work now. not had any problems yet. Thank you so much!

#4 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 27.09.2016 21:48

Its mostly working now but it does not always load fully. It does not read products needed and farm customer prices/%.

Also with the automat the queues do not work correctly. I have something on run indefinatly and it plants it one time then goes to ZZZ. And sometimes it just does not recognize when a field is completed

useing up to date scripts with swedish language pack loading first

#5 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 27.09.2016 22:15


There is a option for reading prices from the market: Use observed prices. Set the option please. After you set the option, you must visit the marketplace.

If you dont have enough products for the production, the automat set "zzz"

#6 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 27.09.2016 23:26

Thanks for the fast reply but it is set as i you say but when i open a customer there is nothing about the scripts on it. it is just the same as the original game.

As for the queue i do not understand. i have product but it is as if the berater is not registering what i have and what i need

#7 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 28.09.2016 13:09


Queue: You use the option "Use queue for the fields."?

I think the "rack-mode" have a bug. I tried it shortly, but it isn't working properly. Please use the normal function.

Activate please the rotation. That is the top button on the left site. In my example the automat produced 2500 garlic, 125 easter flower and 565 cherries and so on.

"Shopping List": At the shopping - list the adviser sort the product and gives an calculation overview.

I hope you mean this.

#8 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 28.09.2016 13:24

ok thank you you for your help

Yea, sometimes the list is without the berater tho. it is as it is without a script and the icon under the customer is a grey circle. also the items needed on the side of the page is empty and i constantly need to reset fields and reload

#9 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 28.09.2016 17:56


I am testing the scripts in a foreign account. It looks like that they run.

You install the language pack and the scripts from this side?

The language pack from doesn't work.

If the script working correctly and the option "Farmie Mini Info"is activated, You see little circles.

green: more 100%
yellow: between 90% and 100%
red: under 90%
a red circle arround: a product missing
grey/transparent: the prices missing -> visit market place and reload the page

#10 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 28.09.2016 18:35

yea i used the link you gave me before and sometimes it works perfectly but then sometimes the berater fail's to load properly and i have to reset fields and reload the page.

the grey circle is i assume because the berater has not loaded correctly and its missing the prices

#11 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 29.09.2016 12:46


Did you set the setting in firefox, that the ff deleting the cache, chronic, and so on at closing the ff. Thats not good. Sometime its helping to delete the website cache. You find it here:

Firefox - Option -> expansion or extension -> network -> Button "delete now" or so

My value 348MB is to high.

#12 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 29.09.2016 13:36

sadly its not fixed it. is there a shortcut to resetting zone? i cant figure out why it is doing it but i can force it to work by resetting the zones

#13 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 29.09.2016 22:56


in the option are two buttons

option->adviser->gernal->Button "Zone reset"

option->automat->farm->Button "delete all zone data"

#14 RE: Berater not working von iTyrant 29.09.2016 23:42

i havent been reseting zone data. ill try that but if not its just somthing ill put up with. it might be inadvertently fixed for me in a future update

thanks for all your help and effort into it. i appreciate it. thank you

Just completly deleted the scripts and reinstalled them. im getting the same old data error

#15 RE: Berater not working von linus--tux 30.09.2016 13:14


I am helping you gladly. I hope we find your problem.

Have deleted all variables, before you have all set new. Two ways:

first way:
1. Login - Screen
2. click on top disk (Variables Berater)
3. choose in selectionbox "all"
4. click button "select all"
5. click button "delete"

1. Login - Screen
2. click on secound disk (Variables Automat)
3. choose in selectionbox "all"
4. click button "select all"
5. click button "delete"

secound way:
1. open Windows Explorer
2. go to this folder: C:UsersYOURNAMEAppDataRoamingMozillaFirefoxProfilesXYZ.defaultgm_scripts
3. delete the files *.db

Another good way to test the scripts is, to install a secound Firefox-Profile.

Here are a german manual:
1. WIN-Taste + R
2. Öffnen: firefox.exe -p und mit OK bestätigen
3. im Fenster "Firefox-Benutzerprofil" Button "Profil erstellen" anklicken und die Schritte des Assistenten ausführen
4. Firefox mit dem neuen Profil-Starten
5. Greasemonkey und die Skripte installieren und die Farmen einrichten (für jedes Profil werden die Add-ons separat verwaltet)
6. Firefox beenden
7. neue bzw zweite Verknüpfung vom firefox erstellen (z.B. STRG drücken und auf die bestehende Verknüpfung klicken und durch ziehen mit der Maus ein Kopie der Verknüpfung erstellen)
8. mit der rechten Maustaste auf die neue Verknüpfung klicken und Eigenschaften auswählen
9. im Feld Ziel den String "C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" um /P "abc" /no-remote ergänzen ... "abc" = Name des neu erstellten Profils
der fertige String sieht so in etwa aus:
"C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe" /P "abc" /no-remote
und mit OK bestätigen
=> nach Doppelklick auf die geänderte Verknüpfung startet firefox mit dem entsprechenden Profil

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