#1 RE: Serious malfunction on last update von Adam-Dead 01.10.2017 22:18


everything went smoothly till last Friday update. Now it is not possible to use bot at all. Three machines (two PC, one notebook), WinXP and Win7, different versions of Mozilla (from latest to 54.0), different versions of bot itself, three diff. FF accounts, all experience the same problems: after 20-30 sec. of work all slows down, then freezes and after that crashes and is closed with critical exception (on 3 comps the same). I've reinstaled Mozilla on two pc, nothing changed.

My knowledge of German is limited to Google translate:), so pls. answer in English, if possible. Thank you in advance.

#2 RE: Serious malfunction on last update von jbond47 02.10.2017 00:10


Please downgrade Greasmonkey to V3.14 and disable the addon update. The latest V3.16 causes this problem.

Download old version

After installation, open Addons, select Greasemonkey and click on "more" (maybe it is "expand" in english) and set update to off.

#3 RE: Serious malfunction on last update von linus--tux 02.10.2017 00:20


the problems come from greasemonkey. you must downgrade to version 3.14.


After the installation disable the automatic update of greasemonkey.

1. Address line: about:addons
2. Click on extensions
3. Click the link „more“ in row „greasemonkey“
4. change the option „automatic update“ to off

#4 RE: Serious malfunction on last update von Adam-Dead 02.10.2017 09:53

Thank you for help, just checked it and everything is working now.

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