#1 RE: help wanted for Systemmessages von georgvr 26.10.2015 17:16

Hi folks,

I am looking for subject text of systemmessages in english, to improove the adviser and reduce amount of warnings with type "unknown message".
Who can provide me with the Subjects (= the text displayed in the overview of Systemmessages) of following messages:

  • ["msgSubjectCoins"] - the Systemmessage you get after purchasing coins
  • ["msgSubjectContractCancel"] - the Systemmessage you get when a Contract has been canceled by the party who send you the contract
  • ["msgSubjectFriendEnd"] - the Systemmessage you get when a friend of yours terminates the friendship.
  • ["msgSubjectPremium"] - the Systemmessage you get when you are reminded to renew premium-status

Thanks in advance for your help

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